Online customer surveys shouldn’t be an afterthought. They shouldn’t be annoying to use. They also shouldn’t make it difficult to gather valuable customer insights. This is why we created Survey55. 

The Story

As a freelance software engineer Patrick Chukwura worked on many client projects that not only included software development, but oftentimes required integrating 3rd party customer feedback widgets.

One of these clients, thinking there was some type of bug in their software, asked why the number of survey responses was so low compared to the number of active users on their platform. Patrick quickly determined that the surveys were working as expected. Pure curiosity lead him to reach out to a few of the active users to ask why they ignored completing the survey.

The overwhelming response was that they typically find surveys boring, time consuming, and just plain ugly, so it’s typically not a priority for them. 

Wondering if a simpler and better looking survey experience would actually make a difference, Patrick spent a weekend building a prototype to find out. With the permission of the client, the prototype survey was sent to their users. What seemed like magic was the number of survey responses, which quadrupled compared to the previous survey.

Seeing the immediate improvement between the two surveys, Patrick figured other businesses were facing the same problem and set out to build a survey platform that survey respondents enjoyed taking and businesses could easily use.

After many months of development and many more product iterations, Survey55 was revealed to the world in 2016.

Our Philosophy

We believe customer surveys can be simple yet powerful for your business needs, as well as beautiful and engaging for the survey respondents.

Survey55 helps you grow your business by making it dead simple to create beautiful customer surveys that gather real-time customer insights so you can take action.

Contact Us

We love talking to customers! If you have a question, comment, or just want to give a shout-out, send us an email [email protected] With our awesome team located globally, we’re always here to help!